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Turn-by-Turn directions to the best fishing in New Jersey

Every fishing destination lists all the information you'll need to make your trip successful including the available species, fishing regulations, seasons, size and creel limits for each species as applied at that location. You'll even find boating regulations and boat launch details where applicable. See the sample listing below for all the details.


New Jersey Fishing Details Page


Ultimate Fishing Maps

GPS Fishing Guide to New Jersey

Designed for iPhone & iPad

Get turn-by-turn directions to the best fishing and boating locations in New Jersey! Find stocked trout, wild trout, smallmouth bass largemouth bass, stripers, muskie, walleye, pike and many other species. Find public access boat launches all along the Delaware River. Find lakes to launch your boat or just find the closest fishing spots to you, no matter where you are.

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New Jersey Fishing Map
NJ Main Fishing Menu

Target exactly the type of fishing you enjoy

Ultimate Fishing Maps has integrated a detailed menu structure into the GPS Fishing Guide to New Jersey. This menu allow you to tailor your fishing experience and display only those fishing spots that work for your fishing style without extra clutter. Whether you're a fly fishermen, bass tournament pro or just enjoy taking your kids out for fun, you'll find the fishing that is just right for you. If a friend tells you about their favorite stream, you can even use "Search All Fishing Waters" to search by name for just about any fishing lake, stream, or pond in the state.

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"Find Trout Fishing"

With the GPS Fishing Guide, you can find all the lakes and streams that have been stocked with trout by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Or get away from the crowds and target wild brook trout on the many designated "Wild Trout Streams." You can even "Search All Trout Waters" using a keyword search and find any trout fishing spot in the state. In addition, you can target waters undr specific regulations. Did you ever wonder where the Holdover or Trophy Trout Lakes in the state can be found? It's right here in the GPS Fishing Guide

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Find New Jersey Trout Fishing
Find NJ Bass Fishing

"Find Bass Fishing"

Organized just like "Find Trout Fishing", use "Find Bass Fishing" to search for waters holding largemough bass or smallmouth. You can even drill down to find "Special Regulation Bass Waters" like "Big Bass Lakes" or any other regulation you wish to target. Use "Search All Bass Waters" to find any bass fishing lake, river or stream in the state by name.

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Make a menu selection and list fishing spots.

Once you make a menu selection, a list of fishing spots is displayed meeting whatever fishing criteria you choose. Each point is listed in distance order from your present location so you'll always know exactly how far the nearest fishing is to you. It's just like searching for the nearest gas station! You can explore so many fishing opportunities across New Jersey or zero in on the fishing spots nearest you no matter where you are with Ultimate Fishing Map's' GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania.

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Nearest Fishing Results
Fishing Regulations Details Page

Choose a fishing spot from any "Results" page and get detailed information.

When you choose a fishing spot, your iPhone or iPad maps the selected fishing destination on our "Details"page and gives you the specific fishing data you need for that destination. You'll find the species, fishing regulations, fishing seasons, size and creel limits as they apply at that location. You'll even find boating regulations and boat launch details where applicable. Check out the complete detail example above in the left column to see just how much information is there.

Save to Favorites - Star Icon

Every destination can be saved to your favorites. Just touch the Star Icon to save that location and you'll have instant access from the main menu for future use.

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Map & Navigate - Map Icon

Choose the Map Icon to see the current fishing spot on a zoomable maps. Once you're satisfied with your choice, click the "Navigate" button and that location will be transferred to Google's Map App where you get turn-by-turn directions right to the fishing hotspot.

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Fishing Spot Map
Find Fishing for Muskie, Walleye, Pike, Stripers

The GPS Fishing Guide
is designed for more than just trout & bass!

"Find Other Fishing by Species" allows you to narrow your fishing search and find the hotspots for just the species you want to catch. Whether it's Muskie, Walleye, Pike, Stripers, Catfish, or Panfish you're after, you'll find just the fishing you seek. Once you make your fish selection, you'll see only fishing destinations that have good populations of your targeted fish species listed in distance order from your present location.

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"Find Lakes for My Boat"

With this selection, you have the ability to search for fishing lakes based on the type and size motor on your boat. This is an ideal tool for boaters. If you have a 10 horsepower motor, you can limit the display of fishing spots to only those lakes where your boat is legal.

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Find Lakes Boat Launches
Find Boat Ramps by Access Name

"Find Delaware River Boat Access"

This search allows you to find the many public access boat launches on both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania side of The Delaware River. Whether you need to launch a big bass boat or just plan to enjoy a day kayak fishing, you'll find plenty of places to launch and recover you boat.

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Planning to Travel?

Search Near Different Towns or Cities for Fishing Spots

In addition to displaying fishing opportunities near your current location, we've incorporated a special feature at the top menu that lets you search for fishing anywhere in New Jersey. Choose "A Different City" and you can keyword search any city or town name in the state. For example, search for Plainfield in Union County by typing "Plainfield". All listings in the GPS Fishing Guide will calculate distance from that city and display results in distance order from there. Plan your trip ahead and save any interesting spot as a favorite to recall later on your trip. To reset to your current location, go back to the top menu and choose "My Current Location" again.

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Find Fishing Spots
Fishing Spots near Palinfield

Confirm your search is in the Right Location

After you key in a city name like "Plainfield", the display shows you all the towns in New Jersey that match your search. Each location lists the town name, county, and distance from your present location. You're sure to choose the right town and know you're looking at your intended destination.

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Main Menu Displays the Locations

Once you choose a town, the menu bar at the top of the main menu lets you know what point of origin is being used to calculate listings and distances. If you suspend the app and load it later, you'll know exactly what point of origin the app is currently set at. You won't be led astray! Remember you can alway reset to "My Current Location"

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Find Trout Fishing in Plainfield NJ

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