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Gogal Publishing Company History

The story of Gogal Publishing began in 1990 when current owner Mike Gogal was invited by his neighbor, Frank, an avid trout fisherman on his annual opening day trout fishing trip. Mike had fished with his dad as a kid but having moved to Philadelphia in 1976 to build his career, he hadn't thought of fishing in over 13 years.

The trout fishing was great on that trip and Mike was immediately hooked on fishing once again. Throughout that year, Mike fished extensively wanting to explore as many new places as he could find.

Mike Gogal

The problem, Mike discovered, was that there just wasn't good information available on where to fish. Sure there were lists of stocked streams but finding them was often impossible. Even if he did find a particular stream on a map, there just wasn't any guarantee that the stream section he chose actually held fish

The next year, Frank once again invited Mike. This time, it poured rain and their secret stream had risen to a point where fishing was impossible.

257 Miles of Trout Fishing

During the previous year while Mike had been exploring new fishing spots, he had also taken the time to mark up a map of streams he found on a detailed road map. That rainy night, he pulled out his map and showed the saddened anglers that there were plenty of other place to fish nearby. In unison, the all asked," Where can I get one of those maps?"

After that trip, Mike explored how he could actually create a trout fishing map that people might buy. This turned out to be a monumental task and consumed the better part of a year but in 1993, Gogal Publishing was born. It's first map, 257 Miles of Trout Fishing covered the 7 counties surrounding Philadelphia. This map detailed the exact sections of each and every trout stocked stream as well as all of the lakes that were stocked with trout by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. The maps were a runaway succcess!

In subsequent years, Mike expanded Gogal Publishing's product line with multiple maps that covered trout fishing for the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Unfortunately, a personal tragedy prompted Mike to cease publication of his maps. Through the years, Mike never lost his love of fishing and always had the dream of reviving his business


In 2006, Mike purchased a Garmin Nuvi to help him get around. That GPS unit once again sparked an idea. He began to think of developing a fishing map that could be downloaded into his Garmin.

In 2008 during Mike's annual neighborhood block party he got to talking with some of his neighbors about this new idea and they were facinated. He again, put on his thinking cap and in 2009, formed Gogal Publishing Company LLC to develop this new concept. In early 2010, the first GPS Fishing Guide for Garmin title PA Sport Fishing was born and successfully test marketed through the Internet.


Garmin GPS Fishing Guide

GPS Fishing Guide for iPhone

This successful test clearly showed that the concept had merit and Mike began to focus on serious development. In 2011, he introduced The GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania at the Harrisburg Sport, Travel, and Outdoor to rave reviews.

In talking to attendees, many suggested that the concept would also make sense on smartphones. In 2011, th company expanded it coverage on The GPS Fishing Guide to include iPhone and Android versions.

Also in 2011, the concept was recognized by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and they approached Mike about developing a version of his powerful app design to guide hunters.


The result was, PA State Game Lands for iPhone and Android. These apps were launched in July of 2012 under contract with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to serve as their official smartphone applications. Gogal Publishing maintained a long term maintenance contract with the Game Commission assuring continual updates through 2015 when the app was retired.


Pennsylvania Game Commission