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Colorado Wild Trout

For iPhone & iPad

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Find the native cutthroat trout of Colorado with this GPS enabled mapping and navigation tool that guides you to streams and lakes holding populations of Colorado River Cutthroat, Rio Grande Cutthroat, and Greenback Cutthroat Trout.

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Special Introductory Price $9.99

For more information, Download the PDF Manual

Colorado Wild Trout Map

Quickly Explore Trout Populations

Touch any information pin for details on the wild trout found at each location.

Here we see a section of the Eagle River that is 87.2 miles from our current location. In this section of the river, you'll find a native population of "CRCT" - Colorado River Cutthroat Trout, along with wild non-native "BR RB CB" - Brown, Rainbow, and Cutbow Trout.

While this location features a "WildPop", you may see designations of "ConPop" - Conservation Population or "CorePop" - Core Conservation Population as derived from Colorado Parks & Wildlife's native trout stream classification system.

Access Detailed Information

A simple tap of the "i" link opens detailed water information including water size, altitude, stream gradient, trout species, public/private lands and regulatory warnings.

Scrolling down on the page reveals additional data on fishing regulations, public fishing access, cutthroat genetic purity, TU and EPA water quality assessments, and recent wildfire activity.

Detailed Trout Information

Map Choices

View Maps Without Phone Service

Choose USGS topographic maps or OpenStreetMap road maps from the Settings and browse the area you plan to travel. These maps store on your phone and will be available for use even when there is no phone service.

You also have access to Apple's road maps, satellite images or hybrid maps when you have service.


Easy "Touch-N-Go" Waypoint Navigation

Getting to any trout stream or lake is easy! Using the roadmap, create a waypoint at your desired destination by touching the map.

For turn-by-turn driving directions, simply tap the "Go" button and the waypoint coordinates are passed to your phone's navigation software.

For hike-in access, set a waypoint anywhere on the stream and tap the "Details" button then set the waypoint as your "Target" destination to enable "Compass" navigation.

Trout Location

Compass Navigation

Navigate with the Compass

Once you've set your "Target" destination, a red direction of travel arrow appears on your "Field Compass" pointing the way to your waypoint.

As you travel, the compass continually updates the display of your current coordinates, altitude, speed, and compass heading, and reports the distance and heading to your "Target" destination.

All compass features work with or without cellular service required.


Powerful Search Menu

Your can search trout waters by name, target specific native or non-native trout species, find gold medal waters, and even find fly shops and guide services.

The search origin is alway shown at the top of the search menu. Search nearby with your "Current Location" or tap the Radar button to change the search origin to any city or town in Colorado.


Search for Trout

Colorado River Cutthroat Results

Closest Results First

The closest 100 search locations are listed in distance order from the search origin. In this example, we've searched for Colorado River Cutthroat near Denver.

Our results indicate that the closest Core Conservation Population is the South Fork of Ranch Creek which is 41.1 miles from the Denver city center. Brook trout are also present.

To view the results on the map, tap the Map icon.


Results Map

On the map, search results appear as Green Pins and a Radar Icon is visible to the right indicating the search origin, Denver.

To view the results list again, just tap the List button at the top of the screen. You can easily switch between the results map and results list.

Unlike other apps, all search results persist until cleared or until a new search is initiated.

Colorado River Cutthroat Result Pins

Colorado Wild Trout

For iPhone & iPad


Special Introductory Price

NOTE: This app is designed for use with on iPhones and iPads that include a GPS receiver and data plan. Colorado Wild Trout will install and operate on iPods and Wi-Fi only iPads however these units do not have a build in GPS receiver. A GPS receiver is required for location tracking and navigation.