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America's National Park System is made up of more than just the National Parks and this app guides you to over 300 unique parks across the United States of America.


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National Parks Menu

Find America's Best Parks

Use the flexible Search Menu to find park destinations by name, by proximity, or to zero in on just the type of park you want to visit.

Included are National Parks, National Monuments, National Battlefields, National Military Parks, National Historic Parks, National Historic Sites and National Memorials. You can even save park destinations you'd like in a Favorites list for easy access later.

All results including your Favorites are listed in distance order from a preset point so you always know where your closest parks is located.

At the top of the Menu, the words "Current Location" indicate indicates you'll get results in distance order from your Current GPS location. Results can also be set to list from any city across America.

View the Results

Once a search is initiated, a scrollable list of results is generated with information including the park's name and type along with its distance from your location.

Results for larger parks will include multiple destinations so you can find the closest Park Entrance or Visitor Center within that park. A brief description of the specific destination's is included in the results list.



National Parks Search Results
National Park Details 1

Tap any Result from the list to view its Details

Each park destination includes a brief Park Overview and a "GO" button. When you're ready to travel to the park destination, just tap "GO" and accurate latitude and longitude coordinates are passed to your Maps app for driving directions and turn-by-turn navigation.

You can save any destination to your Favorites List by tapping the STAR button at the top of the page.

Scroll down on the Details page to reveal even more information.

At Gogal Publishing, we don't believe in loading our apps with pretty pictures and fluffy descriptions that often go out of date as soon as they are written. We want you to have the most up-to-date information available.

Tap the "View Park Website" button to open Safari and access hundreds of pages of up-to-date park specific information maintained by the National Park Service. You'll also find a phone link park's visitor information line.

We also realize that some users are not comfortable using their phone or tablet for driving navigation so we've included each destination's GPS Coordinates that can be entered in any GPS Device.


GPS Coordinates and Park Website
National Park Boundaries on Topographic Map

Tap the Target Button on the Details Page to map your Destination

Tapping the Target Button returns you to the map now centered on the destination you Targeted. Your distance and compass bearing to that destination is displayed and a Target Icon appears on the map highlighting your destination.

Unlike other apps where your destination may disappear as soon as you move the map, this Target Icon remains on the map until you change or remove it.

GPS National Parks USA includes a number of map options to give you the best map views possible. You can choose the built in Apple Road, Satellite, or Hybrid Maps or use the OpenStreetMap as well as detailed US Geologic Survey topographic maps.

All maps includes overlays of the park boundaries and you can control the opacity of these boundaries to allow you the best view of the underlying map.

Use the Map to Track Your Progress as you Travel the Park

The built in map displays your current location and can be set to follow you as you travel. At anytime, you can tap the Target button at the top of the map to center the map on your Target Destination.

Use the map control button to the left of the Target button to center the map on your current location, enable the map tracking and even set the map to rotate in the direction you are traveling.

Because finding cellular service in many parks service can be a challenging and Apple's maps would not be available, both OpenStreetMap and the USGS Topographic Maps can be cached for use offline so you always know where you are in the park


OpenStreetsMap for GPS Navigation
Topographic Map for Hikes


Planning a hike? Want to share a destination with friends?

You can record your own GPS accurate custom waypoints with notes and share them with friends or use them as a tool as you travel. Just touch the map or save and name your current location as a waypoint.

One great way to use waypoints is when you hike. Park your car at the trailhead and mark a waypoint there then set that waypoint as the target.

Begin your hike and the app maps your progress and calculates the distance you've traveled from your vehicle. USGS Topographic Maps are a great tool here allowing you to see the terrain along the way and ultimately back to your vehicle.

You can even use the waypoint function as a Car Finder in large crowded parking lots.

Not just for use in National Parks!

While this app is designed primarily for use when traveling to America's National Parks, many of the features included can be used no matter where you are.

GPS National Parks USA features full map coverage of the entire United States and many GPS and map functions including custom waypoints can be used anywhere you travel.

USGS Topographic Maps and OpenStreetMap for the entire US are included in the app at no additional charge and you can cache maps to use offline anywhere in the United States.

GPS National Parks USA is a must have app for anyone planning to travel. Make the most of your trip with Gogal Publishing 's GPS National Parks USA


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GPS National Parks USA

For iPhone & iPad



Available on the App Store

NOTE: This app is designed for use with on iPhones and iPads that include a data plan. The app will install and operate on iPods and Wi-Fi only iPads however which do not have a build in GPS receiver. A GPS receiver is required for accurate map tracking and navigation.