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GPS Fishing Guide to PA



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For iPhone & iPad

GPS Topo USA turns your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional GPS with custom waypoints and complete USGS topographic map coverage of the entire United States including Alaska & Hawaii.


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Field & Stream - Review by Kirk Deeter

US Topographic Maps

GPS Topo with Road Maps

Built-In GPS Maps and Tracking

The app features a scrilling map display that constantly updates your current location as you travel. You can choose to display your location over your choice of 1:24000 USGS topographic maps, roadmaps, hybrid maps or satellite images.

You can view any map in north-up mode or you can set the map display to rotate in your direction of travel so you alway always know what's directly in front of you'

For road navigation, both Apple's road maps and OpenStreetMap road maps are included.

GPS topo USA even operates when you have no cellular service. Both topographic maps and OpenStreetMap road maps can be stored locally, eliminating any need for a cellular connection.


Specialized Field Compass

For wilderness navigation, GPS Topo USA includes a built-in field compass with it's own direction-of-travel indicator that guides you to any wilderness destination.

As you travel, the compass continuously displays your current GPS coordinates, speed, altitude, and compass heading.

The red direction of travel indicator points the direction to your destination and counts down the distance until you arrive.



Navigation Waypoints

Waypoints for Navigation

You can easily create custom waypoints for navigation then add notes and share your waypoints with friends.

Touch anywhere on the map to create a new waypoint or enter waypoints manually with latitude and longitude coordinate. GPS Topo USA is idea for geocachers. You can even save you current location as a new waypoint.

For field navigation, simply"Target" any saved waypoint enabling the compass to guide you to that destination.

For automotive navigation, touch the "GO" button to immediately pass the GPS coordinates to your iPhone's internal navigation software.



For iPhone & iPad



Available on the App Store

NOTE: This app is designed for use with on iPhones and iPads that include a GPS receiver and data plan. GPS Topo USA will install and operate on iPods and Wi-Fi only iPads however these units do not have a build in GPS receiver. A GPS receiver is required for accurate map tracking and navigation.