Custom Mapping Applications for iOS &Android





Applied GIS Technology for Smartphone Apps

Gogal Business Services

Harness the power of Gogal Publishing's Geographic Information Systems and application technology to create apps that direct your customers, route your staff, or deliver your own custom mapping solutions.

Customized Mapping

We create custom smartphone maps, integrating GIS layers into our "Smart Maps" technology to put your information right on the smartphones of those who need them most!

Custom Map on iPhone Topo Maps on iPhone  

Build custom maping applications on both iOS or Android platforms, integrating GIS polygon, line and point data.

Basemaps can be customized with selectable road, satellite or USGS 7.5 minute topographic background maps to present your data in the most effective manner.

Map layers can be cached inside the phone for offline use and the current location indicator identifies the user's location for travel even without phone service.

Add Custom "Points of Interest" (POI)

Integrate your proprietary location data into custom GPS stype "Points of Interest" search menus. We'll validate your location data using our GIS systems for accurate longitude and latitude coordinates then organize the data for easy retrieval.

iPhone Custom POI Menu iPhone Custom POI Detail  

User's explore POI data using a simple GPS style menu structure organizing and categorizing all your destinations for easy retrieval.

Comprehensive details for each destination are accessed internally or via links to your own web based content.


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