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GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania Tutorial

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GPS Fishing Guide
to PA

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Turn-by-Turn directions to the best fishing in Pennsylvania

Every fishing destination lists all the information you'll need to make your trip successful including the available species, fishing regulations, seasons, size and creel limits for each species as applied at that location. You'll even find boating regulations and boat launch details where applicable. See the sample listing below for all the details.


Fishing Spot Regulation Detials
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GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania
Ready for 2015 Trout Season

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Pennsylvania's Best Fishing App!

for iPhone & iPad

Trout streams and lakes stocked by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission!

"Class A" trout streams with the largest wild trout populations in the state!

Specially regulated trout streams for Fly Fishing , Trophy Trout, Delayed Harvest, and more!

"Wild" & "Wilderness" trout streams


Get turn-by-turn driving directions to all the Best Trout Fishing in Pennsylvania

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$24.99 for iPhone & iPad

"What an amazing app. A must have for anyone fishing PA, especially trout fishermen.
Worth every penny!"

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Fishing Streams and Lakes Map

Also available for Android Phones & Tablets

Fishing Topographic Map

It's a fishing GPS even when
there is no phone service

Your current location is displayed and tracked on the map along with color coded overlays of all fishing waters.

You can choose to view your custom map over roads, satellite images of seamless topographic maps.

Fishing access points are displayed as map pins and flags show you own custom waypoints.

All fishing maps along with topographic maps can be stored internally on your phone for use without phone service.


"Find Trout Fishing"

With the GPS Fishing Guide, you can use the menu to find all the lakes and streams that have been stocked with trout by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

Head out to Erie and enjoy the annual fall Steelhead Trout run. Or get away from the crowds and target wild brook trout on the many designated Class "A"and Wilderness Trout Streams.

You can even "Search All Trout Waters" using a keyword search and find any trout fishing spot in the state. All waters are listed from nearest to farthest from your present location.


Find Trout Fishing
Special Regulation Trout

Drill down even further to find "Special Regulation Trout Waters"

Here you find waters organized by each individual regulation that applies. Did you ever wonder where all the Trophy Trout Water in the state can be found. It's right here in the GPS Fishing Guide!

"Find streams with Naturally Reproducing Trout"

With the exception of Class A and Wilderness trout streams, the naturally reproducing trout streams are not included in the search menus however you can still target these streams.

The map contains a comprehensive color coded streams map of Pennsylvania. The thinner stream lines colored blue or red show all the streams not covered in the menu.

All of the thin red lines are additional streams containing naturally reproducing wild trout as listed by the PFBC. Set a waypoint on any of these streams to navigate to these waters.

Naturally Reproducing Trout Streams Map

Main Fishing Menu

The GPS Fishing Guide
More than a Trout Fishing app

Gogal Publishing has integrated a detailed menu structure into the app.

This menu allow you to tailor your fishing experience whether you're a trout angler, bass afficianado or just enjoy taking your kids out for fun,

You'll find the fishing that is just right for you.

If a friend tells you about their favorite stream, you can even use "Search All Fishing Waters" to search by name for just about any fishing lake, stream, or pond in the state.

"Mark your own custom Waypoints"

Touch anywhere on the map for 2 seconds and you'll create a custom waypoint displayed as a green flag.

Touch the new flag and an information bubble opens showing the new waypoint's latitude and longitude.

Touch the blue arrow to manage your waypoint. Use "Remove" to delete the waypoint or tap "Go" for turn-by-turn driving directions to that waypoints.

Tapping the "Data" button opens the waypoint detail page where you can record and edit your own waypoint notes.


Fishing Waypoint
 Fishing Waypoint Detail

Add Waypoint Data.

Once you've created a waypoint, you can name it and record your own notes about that location with the waypoint data page.

Waypoints can be accessed and edited at any time and you can even share your waypoints with friends

Use this to meet up with friends or share your favorite spots.

So Much More!

The GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania is a complete Fishing GPS providing turn-by-turn driving directions and field navigation to thousands of streams, lakes, ponds, boat ramps, fishing spots and more.

There's just so many features included, we can't possibly cover it all!


Target Fishing Spot on Map

GPS Fishing Guide to Pennsylvania

For iPhone & iPad


Available on the App Store

NOTE: This app will function on devices without a GPS receiver however a GPS receiver is required for accurate point-to-point navigation and for use as a handheld GPS in the field. GPS add-on units are available from third party manufacturers to enable GPS for devices that do not include a receiver. For offline use where no Internet connection is available, USGS and fishing maps must be downloaded while still on-line and connected. Any USGS and fishing maps downloaded online will be available for offline use. Please see the help tutorial for details.

To learn more, A comprehensive tutorial is available. Please feel free to browse our tutorial

View the Tutorial HERE